Sleeping With The Devil

by Jeremy Joyce



released April 16, 2013

Sleeping With The Devil
all songs by Jeremy Joyce © 2013
By And By Music ASCAP

Recorded by David Beeman, Native Sound, Saint Louis MO, October 2012
Mixed by David Vandervelde, Pieholden, Chicago IL, December 2012
Mastered by Paul Gold, Salt Mastering, Brooklyn NY, February 2013
Produced by Jeremy Joyce and David Beeman

Vocals, Acoustic Guitar, Electric Guitar, Bass, and Bass Synth: Jeremy Joyce
Drums, Synth, Electronic Drums, Backing Vocal (My Old Town): David Beeman
Lead Electric Guitar: Curt Brewer
Piano, Organ, and Keyboard: Nathan Jatcko
Harmony Vocals: Kristin Denis

Photo by Tuan Lee
Model: Tanis Lee Dolan



all rights reserved


Jeremy Joyce St. Louis, Missouri

Singer / Songwriter / Guitarist. New Orleans Based by way of STL and NYC

From Philadelphia.

Jazz. Blues. Roots, Folk, etc


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Track Name: Sleeping With The Devil
Sorry Babe I can't take you home
This is the longest night I've known
It's two fifteen and the radio
Plays a sad song

Blood is warm and the road is cold
Jesus Christ can save your soul
If you're good enough
To make it to heaven

But I'm not good enough you see
Cause the devil he came to me
Saying man you're gonna have to die
unless you give me your sweet baby's life

Then I remembered us as seventeen
Records spinning on a record machine
And I remembered us the year before
Trading kisses on your daddy's floor

I'm sorry darling but you should understand
That I was born a selfish man
And the road sings sweeter than
Any kiss you gave me

So I told that devil I would take his deal
Away my soul that devil'd steal
I'd lose your touch
But I'd keep rambling on and playing

Then it felt like I lost control
And the car drifted off the road
The smile passed from your lips
I never thought it'd end like this

Do you remember what I said last night
When I asked you and you said alright
Well I guess you'll never be my bride
Cause I'm sleeping with the devil tonight.
Track Name: Arkansas Bill
Nadine was a waitress working to pay the rent
She had a kid, got some money from the government
Her baby daddy weren’t nowhere around
She never left her home town.

Bill was from Arkansas, got in trouble with the law.
Shot a man to death in a roadhouse parking lot
Seven days on the run
With a hot Crown Vic and a smokin’ gun

Bill had a temper, he’d lose it quick
Nadine could take a punch, but she wouldn’t take shit
She grabbed the pistol from his side
And straddled him with her Missouri thighs

He ain’t felt that way before, at least not since the war
He finally had something worth living for
Nadine laid the Smith and Wesson down
They made hot hot love on the cold ground

Nadine did a little work on the side
That’s how she met Arkansas Bill and went on one last ride
Bill didn’t have nothing in the world
Until he pulled of 29 to meet a Kansas City girl

They changed cars and plates in about a dozen states
They thought that they could make it last
Bill kept a guitar, said he was a singer
And he didn’t drive too fast

They’d stake out a place for a couple of days
Working on a plan
Like Bill shooting Nadine with a blank
And then her sneaking around back

In New Mexico, Nadine played dead
Laying on the floor
She spots an off duty cop, reaching for his Glock
to point it at Billy boy

Now Nadine loved Bill more than any woman
Ever loved an Arkansas man
Five shots to the chest, the cop didn't have a vest
And out the door they ran

Bill's left three fingers were blown clean off
Running for the car
So they headed South for a border town
To find a doctor that wouldn't talk

They met up with some narcos
Bought armor, C-4, and guns
They'd do one last job, move to Nicaragua
Then they'd never have to run

They walked into the bank, dressed real nice
Handed the teller a note
Well that teller nearly cried by look in Bill's eyes
And Nadine took off her coat

She wore twenty pounds of C-4
She wore a smile ten miles wide.
She wore a pretty red dress, and let out a laugh.
Said I ain't afraid to die

You better give me all your money
You better give me all your gold
If you give me any trouble
I'm ready to explode
Track Name: Norma Jean
I was born in Louisian', way down in New Orleans
and I've got a little daughter, her name is Norma Jean

When my wife was pregnant, the doctor called, and said I got bad news
Your child will be born with the same disease that your wife and you have too

We were sick, but we were family, I had a job, and a house I owned
Maybe one day, there'll be a cure, when little Norma Jean is grown

Three months later, ole Katrin', ole Katrina came rolling through
We lost the house, our possessions, we lost everything we knew

Traveling, we were traveling, without the medicine to survive
Norma Jean was born, my wife didn't make it, her body got cold, our little girl cried

In the flood, lost everything, don't have no papers, no picture ID
Can't get no job, can't get no welfare, can't get my daughter what she needs

The milk I need, that milk costs money, I ain't got it, but I gotta try
I see my wife softly pleading, each night when I close my eyes

Get the things our little girl needs, go out and beg if you must
I'll meet you soon, she'll keep on living, lay down your body, lay down your trust
Track Name: My Heart Is Not a Rose
These words may never reach you, for it's to the sky I speak
To the trees blowing in the winter wind from atop a jagged peak

Do you remember the night I saw you in another's arms
He had a look like a child, who’d been been caught doing wrong

But no tears fell, no guilt showed on your face
A love that's lost is a cross to bear, but a love that’s a lie is a waste.

My heart is not a rose, growing to the sky
My heart is not a brier green nor a twisted vine
My heart is the flesh, scattered on the mountain side
It's the red rock down below and the blood in feasting eyes

I touch my chest, my heart is pounding. I touch my brow, it’s soaked with sweat.
I hear a voice sounding, I close my eyes and see you yet.

Oh Lord I am forsaken, and I know not if it sin
But I hear the darkness calling in the blowing of the wind

And through the wolf's howl in the valley down below
The Flesh of the forsaken man is sweeter I suppose
Track Name: Coming Home
When my breath is still and my lips are cold
Let the wild dogs run, let the highways moan
Let my mind be quiet and freed from woe
Tell my mother I'm coming home

If I had another life to live
If I had a dime to give
I'd give my money all away
Try to live true each day

But if I lived it all again
Would I still meet this end
The end must come that I know
Tell my mother I'm coming home

When the sun shines on a broken dream
Does the way it shines look a lot like me
Does it try to hide from the blaring sun
But a broken dream can't up an run

So let the grass grow green in a far off land
Let the cities crumble, and turn to sand
Let the earth churn her flesh and bone
Tell my mother I'm coming home
Track Name: Have You Seen My Lady Dancing
Have you seen my lady dancing at a parade in the street
Have you seen the streamers falling all beneath her dancing feet

Have you heard the music playing, in a language I don’t know
Have you seen my lady dancing, New York City, falling snow

Have you seen my lady dancing, on wood floors in a crowd
Have you seen her bright face shining through infinity black and loud

Packed and pushed by amblers idled, the sweat is pouring down
All at last she comes unbridled, to the pulsing of the sound

Have you seen my lady dancing, at night in a dream
Have you seen her two eyes shining and her hair the blackest sheen

Yes, I’ve seen your lady dancing, I was sleeping and it was night
Her hair was black as pitch, and the stars shone in her eyes
Track Name: Joanna of the Falling Rain
In a little border town in the middle of the night
Kneeling by her bed, with the desert in her eyes
Prays Joanna soon to be the one and only Saint
Where everywhere she walks, it falls the pouring rain

Joanna of the falling rain, I know you feel alone
Traveling from place to place, where will you call home
Tonight, Joanna

Joanna never stays too long in one town
Everywhere she'd go, the rain was falling down

When she hears the call, she finds her way there
bringing skies as black as her eyes and her hair

She turned twenty-one sleeping by the road
Dreaming of the sun, as the thunder clouds they roll

In the California sun, there lives a light haired boy
Where everywhere he walks, the sun comes to destroy
And every night he sleeps, he dreams of falling rain
And a ribbon made of black in the hair of a lonely Saint

Joanna felt the heat of the fires in the West
From a medal that she wears upon her lily breast
And as the smoke jumpers jump to fight the roaring blaze
The boy who brought the sun, in the woods, he waits
But this storm storm is like, no one has ever seen
it's running East to West instead of West to East
Track Name: My Old Town
Oh take me back to my old town
How I wish that it had never changed
Let the memories come back to me
Let the old times forever stay

I kissed a girl neath the trestle
I remember the taste of her sweat
As a train went by, I looked into her eyes
It's a kiss, I'd never forget

I heard that she died in a car wreck
Her boyfriend drunk at the wheel
Well to know she's died, and to remember her eyes
Oh lord how lonesome that feels

I walk by a house I once stayed in
With my cousins who taught me to fight
We'd run the streets in the Philadelphia heat
Throwing rocks at the train at night

Now, no one I know even lives there
And it looks like it's all been redone
At the end of the block, I pick up a rock
Oh boys, I can still run.

I look out at that Navy shipyard
My grandfather sailed in the war
They rounded the cape, and he boxed feather-weight
They don't build ships no more

Now my grandfather is buried down in Florida
And I don't have time to visit his grave
But when I see a boat, rusty and old
I think Pop, I'll meet you some day

I sit me down on a bar stool
And nobody drinking is a friend
They all moved away, to try for better days
In a house with a yard and fence

My brother, he once sat beside me
And God I wish he was here
So I dream a dream, of the way things used to be
Of them bygone and forgotten years
Track Name: Church on a Hill
I am rolling up a highway, to a church on a hill
And I'm looking for a savior, who's not a cheap thrill
Don't live in a bottle, don't look like a pill
I am rolling up a highway to a church on a hill

When I get there I know so loud, on the doors that the sound
Wake the slumbering towns folk, and they all gather round
To see the stranger with a guitar, and an old car run down
Just searching for salvation at the church of the found

Oh the Church of he found, the church of the found
Saint Anthony won't you please come down
I banged so hard and I knocked so loud
That the bells in the tower of the church did sound

Well Saint Anthony, he came to me
Not at those doors, but in a dream
And in my hand placed a silver key
That would undo a lock, to set my soul free

The Key was to a locket, on the neck of a boy
Who was fishing with his father, feeling true joy
In a boat, on a river, their lines employed
My soul was in a locket on the neck of a boy